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How it thinks

Trade Entry

Uses MACD on 5min time frame to look for entries. Targets 1-2% daily, 5% weekly, 20% monthly.

✓ Get ALL Trade Entries Automated ✓ Proper Risk Management Automated


Tested & Proven

This bot has been running since April 2021. The account was moved to Envi FX in Nov 2022.
Not all PIPs are equal The PIP count is not relevant without knowing what the risk to reward ratio is on the trade.
Fakers Quickly Found Out Before Traders are allowed on Arrived FX they are tracked anonymously for at least 1 month. If they are profitable by at least 15% a month then they are invited to join.
Profitable Traders Wanted If you are an expert trader contact us to have your trades reviewed. Joining the team allows you to earn a portion of the profits!

Based Pricing

For accredited investors only!

There is a 60-40 profit split every month, and YOU KEEP 60%. The initial deposit is deducted. The best part is you do absolutely nothing during the month.


$100k account increases by 20%, the total profit is $20,000 the revenue split is 40% to Arrived FX = $8,000. You keep $12,000.

All Aboard

Any account size.

With our propriety automation of applying logic to the trades from the expert traders the trades are always sized perfectly for you account size from a $1,000 to $100,000,000.

Remove the emotion

Having a trading problem?

Remove all of the emotional pain from you trading by having expert traders send the trade ideas and Arrive FRX automate the entries. Always following the rules without emotion.

Case Studies

Browse existing case studies.

Hear from the real people that we have helped change their lives by relieving the stress and burden of this complexities of trading.