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Purchase Terms of Agreement

Consumers should read all of the information carefully before making a purchase.

By agreeing to work with Arrive FRX and paying the service charge, you automatically accept all of the following terms and conditions.

Due to the very unpredictable nature of the financial markets and the fact that proprietary corporations have the last word on who gets financed and who doesn’t, no refunds can be given once the service fee is paid and the see is provided as requested.

If a challenge or verification  is failed due to unforeseen market circumstances, but only the profit portion is not met, Arrive FRX will redo the challenge at no cost if the Prop Firm offers this. If a challenge or verification is failed due to other requirements not met or the account ends in the negative, you are entitled to receive a full 100% refund from Arrive FRX.


Upon Completion Of Purchase By Consumer Customers shal abide by the agreements Below:

  • Post your account credentials to the secure portion of your account in Arrive FRX.

  • Do not place any trades yourself once you have given us the account credentials as it messes with the entire flow. Please understand once you do this the system will automatically  terminate our agreement and still charge for the service.

  • Each phase takes 30 days to pass as per every prop firm, so please do not ask us every day why we haven’t taken a trade or why we have won/lost a specific trade.

  • Please do not purchase a swing account or an aggressive account as the leverage is too low for us to take multiple trades.

  • Let us know exactly when you started your challenge and how many days you have remaining on it with precise dates.

  • List if the account is in drawdown. If not applicable type N/A

  • Also, the strategy we trade is SMC style. So you will not see us taking multiple trades a week on your account. 1-5 trades a month is sufficient enough for us to make 15-20% a month consistently. So we will likely pass your challenge within 1-2 trades using proper risk management on each trade.

  • If you have any other questions or concerns please let us know now.

Automated referral service for currency traders.

Bring your own broker account select the referral trade ideas from expert traders that provide the trade ideas. Always applying proper risk management without emotions automatically 24/7 in less than a blink of an eye.


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