Setup Steps

The entire process will take about 1 hr if you have nothing set up.


This is the real time verified stats from LuckyGold bot. As more bots are available you'll be able to add to your account. widget

Frequently Asked Questions

Who made this?

Wayne Creel. I'm a Texan and serial entrepreneur. All of my companies have been around automating something in one way or another. All in technology. Here is my Linked in profile

What is this system?

This is an automation solution that replicates forex trades from human traders and bots to your individual accounts with perfect risk management for your account size. We have several human traders and many bots for trading.

Who is in control of my money?

You are in 100% control of your money. You are connecting your broker account to an automation system. You pick the settings and what is trading on your account. You can pull out your money at any time. (if you do during the middle of the month, the system will stop trading, and you'll get an invoice). If you are on HeroFX, revenue splits happen automatically through HeroFX.

How do I withdraw money?

You log into your broker account and request a withdrawal from that broker's website. Generally, it will be processed in a couple of hours.

If you are with one of the brokers where there is a subscription or PAMM account, the revenue split will be deducted first.

Can I withdrawal at anytime?

YES of course it is your money.

If you are with a broker that has a subscription, PAMM, or MAM account the revenue split will be deducted automatically and then you can withdraw whatever you want to.

If you are with another broker the system will stop trading the account and you'll receive an email with instructions on paying the revenue split. It would be helpful if you did withdraw on the last day of the month once you receive your revenue split instructions.

How do revenue splits get handled?

Revenue splits happen on the last day of the month at midnight EST. If you are with a broker that has a subscription, PAMM or MAM accounts the splits happen automatically at the broker.

If you are with another broker, then an email is sent to you with a report and instructions. Payments are generally made in crypto.

How does reporting of income get handled?

That is your problem. The overseas brokers do not report your earnings to anyone. Withdrawals are generally done in Crypto. When you convert that back to USD and then deposit it into your bank account, then you will need to deal with whatever taxes you need to in your country. There are 100% legal ways to bring money back into your country and not get beaten down with taxes. Just follow the rules that legislators use to protect their wealth. Ever wonder how someone can go into public service for a job that pays 100k and 4years later be a millionaire?

Is my money guaranteed to profit?

ARE YOU %$#@ KIDDING ME. NO. This is the highest risk investment you can do. Do not put a penny more in a broker account you are not 100% willing to lose. With that understanding, it is also very high upside. High risk, High reward.

Is the money safe with the broker?

It depends on the broker. The ones we recommend we have our own money there too. There are many crappy people in this world, which is the primary reason why I made this system. If you have a broker you are already comfortable with, let me know who they are and I'll let you know how they stack up. I do use specific brokers to host my trading master accounts, which is why I recommend them.

Is the money insured?

No, not at all. No investment accounts are ever insured. This is directly off of

Why no mention of FINRA or financial disclosures?

That is on the broker's side. The Arrived FX system automates risk management of the traders and bots that you choose.

What is the difference between zero commission, raw spreads, bonus account and trade copier?
There is actually no difference in end profit between zero commission, raw spreads, and trade copier.
  • The broker either makes money on the spread or broker commissions for the trade. Broker commissions are NOT revenue splits. The broker charges a fee no matter the outcome of the trade.
  • The fee is based on the position size. The fee is $20 per lot.
I know this doesn't make sense to those that do not do currency trading. I preferred the zero commissions accounts, HOWEVER...
There 2 main reasons to use the HeroFX copier
  1. Faster and it removes the server expense from me hosting all accounts. My base server bill is a little over $5k a month. If I have more people join that cost quickly grows based on the number of accounts. It costs me the same to host a $1k account as a $100M account. This way I can still help people with small accounts
  2. Legal. I’m working to get my series 7 license. Even when I do though that limits who I can work with directly. The person has to be an accredited investor. The short version is over $250k in earnings per year after taxes. So using the broker's copier allows you to get around that limitation.
ALL brokers charge fees and they are all about the same when you consider spread and broker fees.
I'm looking at other brokers so if you have a suggestion for one please direct message
How did this service come to be?

There is a very long story, but I'll give the super short version.
I sold my last startup right before covid lockdown in 2020, yeah for me. A lifelong friend introduced forex trading to me in Jan 2021. I was very skeptical, asked a lot of questions, and did a lot of research. I was amazed it was so easy to make money. (NOTE: Even easier to lose it if you don't know what you are doing). I took to it very quickly and had promising results. I quickly realized that trading for 12 hours a day at all crazy times of the day and usually at 4 am was not sustainable, so I started learning how to make trading bots.

During this time, I had my first massive setback. My trading account had grown significantly, so I wanted to take money out to pay off all my debt. Well, the broker I was using turned out to be crappy. They would not let me take out any of my money. I reported to the authorities, but absolutely nothing happened. I was starting over from zero. But I knew I could do it. This was actually great because now I ask even more systematic questions, and if something seems off, I don't bother with it.

Friends were asking me what I was doing, and their eyes immediately glazed over while I was explaining. So I was in search of something more accessible. I found Binary trading (DON'T EVEN BOTHER IT SUCKED). I started it and quickly figured out the brokers in binary trading are super scumbags. They make it very difficult to win, and even when you do and try to take out money, they make it extremely difficult. Furthermore, they 100% manipulate the trades.

I turned my attention back to forex trading. I discovered self-proclaimed experts on telegram would send trade signals for a fee. I immediately saw an issue: I would have to wait for them to send a message at all hours of the day and night and be ready to enter the trade into my account within 1 minute. This process is not easy and requires math and extreme detail. One typo, and you're not going to be happy. There is no undo.

This was the first opportunity I saw for automation, which was taking the trades from telegram and putting them into my account perfectly sized for my risk settings. What I found out is the vast majority of the traders selling signals are full of crap. Very few were legit and profitable. (longer story here) After I got this working pretty well I hired a small development team to start to build this so it could be more scalable.

After helping some friends with their accounts on Prop Firms (in hindsight I don't recommend them either). They suggested I make this into a service. It took 3 months of development to automate it to a larger scale. In December of 2021, I opened it up for use. I went from zero to over 200 clients in about 2 weeks. It was overwhelming, to say the least. Well, super-short version prop firms do not like copy trading in any flavor at all.

A lot of pain and suffering with dealing with prop firms, which I'm still dealing with. I will only work with self-funded accounts going forward. Significantly easier to deal with and make profits.

Now over 18 months have passed and I've been tinkering with bots this whole time. I devised a testing process that takes roughly 6 months before I'll release it to people to use.

Now I'm focused on bringing more human and bots for people to use on their accounts.

Crypto Hot Wallet

  1. Pick a company
    2. (DO NOT USE!)
  2. Verify your account to the highest level
    1. Upload your ID and Utility bill
    2. Upload selfie that mainly has only you centered in the photo
  3. Secure your account with 2 factor authentication
  4. Fund Your Wallet
  5. You'll likely need to wire money from your bank account. Not showing these steps since they vary so much between banks.
  6. Convert Fiat Currency to Crypto
    1. Fiat to USDT

Broker Setup

If you already have a broker set up you can skip this step, however it will affect your account setup in Arrived FX.

We recommend HeroFX because the master accounts are with them. Click the signup link to create a HeroFX account.

  1. Register
  2. Verify your account
  3. Fund your account from Crypto wallet
  5. Transfer funds from Hero FX wallet to MT5 Social Copier Wallet
  6. Click "Trade Copier"
    1. Click "MT5 Copier"
    2. Click "Open Invest account"
    3. Leave all defaults, Check the terms and conditions box, Click "Open account" (COPY the login info, ctrl c and ctrl v into text file. DO NOT TAKE A PICTURE WITH YOUR PHONE )
    4. At the top of the page you'll see "Leader Board" click it
    5. Look for "Arrived FX - BOT - Lucky Gold" acct id: 125113 Click "Invest"
    6. Click agree to terms and conditions "Subscribe to a master account"
    7. All set.
  7. Setup referral account if you want to earn passive income for just referring people.
    1. IB Menu and set it up
    2. Once you have a referral link message the link and we will set up a personalized referral page like this one.

Arrived FX Setup

Arrived FX Setup

  1. Here is the link to sign up
  2. Purchase Plan. If you are using HeroFX select no more than $10k. $250 1 time setup. Revenue splits of 40% happen on the last day of the month at midnight
  3. Complete checkout and payment
  4. Go to My Account
  5. Submit the form with trading account details from your broker. This information will be used to display results in an easy-to-view chart on the Arrived website.

MT5 on phone

  1. Go into your app store
  2. Search for MT5. it will show up as Meta Trader 5
  3. Install it
  4. When it first loads it will ask if you already have an account. Tap "I already have an account".
  5. in the top search for Hero fx if that is the broker, then select that one.
  6. The Login is from when you set up the trading account above. it is the account number.
  7. The Password is the READ ONLY aka INVESTOR PASSWORD. This is extremely important. If you put in the master password and accidently do a trade you will 100% regret it. If you were to blow your account you will still be responsible for paying the portion of profits. There is no undo of placing a trade. 
  8. Have Save password on.
  9. Tap "Sign In" at the bottom
  10. You should see "Read only" in top right, if you don't then you used the wrong password. delete the account and use the read only password.
  11. To see the trade history tap "History" at bottom.
  12. You should see trades if it has been at least 1 business day. If not then tap the clock icon in top right.
  13. Tap Last 6 months, then you should see trades. You can also customize the period.