Automated risk and copying for traders.

Never miss
a trade

Bring your own broker account select the referral trade ideas from expert traders that provide the trade ideas.

Always applying proper risk management without emotions automatically 24/7 in less than a blink of an eye.

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What We Do

Trade Entry

Expert signal providers send trade ideas through our automation and instantly apply the logic you choose then into your own brokers system all in less than 1 second.

✓ Get ALL Trade Entries Automated
✓ Proper Risk Management Automated

Perfect Risk Management

We have curated a wide range of human and automated trading bots. Both are put through a long testing process. 1 year of back testing and optimization, then at least 2 months of real time testing on a demo account. If they pass then they are moved to 2 months of live testing on a real account. If they profit at least 10% both months then they become available for investors to utilize.

It’s Easy

Reporting so easy it happens in seconds, not days.

All traders must pass our screeing review prior to becoming available to our clients. All trades are constantly being tracked with


Super Fast

From the time that the trader sends the call to it being placed into your account is about 100-200 milliseconds, literally 2x faster than a blink of an eye.


You are able to pick and choose which human traders and bots you want connected to your account and adjust your risk per trader.

Trade Logic

You will never have to deal with emotional trading while using Arrived FX because the accounts that do the best are the ones that are left to the automated risk management controls.



Tested & Proven

Most people do not realize that a lot of traders that post that they won trades are flat out lying. The reason is they will post something in Telegram but then later on go back and edit the message to be a better entry or additional take profits. Arrived FX tracks every single call a trader makes and instantly enters the trades as the trader initially called it. All of these trades are logged to for a real assessment.

Not all PIPs are equal
The PIP count is not realavent without knowing what the risk to reward ratio is on the trade.

Fakers Quickly Found Out
Before Traders are allowed on Arrived FX they are tracked anonymously for at least 1 month. If they are profitable by at least 15% a month then they are invited to join.

Profitable Traders Wanted
If you are an expert trader contact us to have your trades reviewed. Joining the team allows you to earn a portion of the profits!


Based Pricing

You are able to use any broker you want!  Because we are trusting that you will do your part after we produce so much value we require a 2.5% advance on your account size to get us started on your account automation.  

There is an 60-40 profit split every month, YOU KEEP 60%. The initial deposit is deducted. The best part is you do absolutely nothing during the month.


$100k account increases by 20%, the total profit is $20,000 the revenue split is 40% to Arrived FX = $8,000. You keep $12,000.

All Aboard

Any broker,
every account size.

With our propriety automation of applying logic to the trades from the expert traders the trades are always sized perfectly for you account size from a $1,000 to $100,000,000.

Remove the emotion

Having a trading problem?

Remove all of the emotional pain from you trading by having expert traders send the trade ideas and Arrive FRX automate the entries. Always following the rules without emotion.

Case Studies

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Hear from the real people that we have helped change their lives by relieving the stress and burden of this complexities of trading.